Business Profile

When I was working in schools, both as an administrator and a teacher, I always felt the burn of keeping up with the daily task list, as well as provide support to the families of my students. I knew that I held a vast bank of information that would help them navigate the world of Speical Education, yet struggled to share that information with them. It would bother me to do a parent meeting reviewing testing or recommending new programming if I wasn’t positive the parents knew exactly what we were doing and why, but there was rarely time to delve into everything as thoroughly as I would have liked or they needed.

Once I became unemployed, I started looking for jobs. Becoming my children’s primary caregiver proved to be both extremely rewarding and exciting, but also a huge adjustment. I have kept a job since I was 15 years old and it was strange for me not to go out in the world and engage intellectually with other adults and feel like a real generator of change in others’ lives. Nothing that I found truly inspired me or fit my qualifications and I started to fantasize about becoming self-employed but I had trouble brainstorming what I could offer others. One day, I sat down with a colleague and friend for a much-needed catch up at a local coffee shop and we discussed at length all kinds of business ideas I had. Most required a considerable financial investment or wealthy benefactors, and I had neither. Regardless, I left that meeting feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated. Even my family picked up on my new and improved attitude and I realized how the loss of my job had really affected me and those I loved. I needed to figure out a way to fulfill this part of myself on a regular basis. About two days later, I got up on a soapbox on my Instagram story about foundational literacy and healthy reading habits for our children, with a really positive response, and my wheels started to spin. What if I created a platform for myself to share my ideas and help parents prep their students for success? What if through that platform, I also provided a service to financially support myself? but how? I decided that if I could use an Instagram and blog to establish my voice and credibility, I could also use it to promote a Special Education tutoring and family counseling business. Thus, Exceptional Services was born.

My goal for this company is to offer three levels of support: individual, family, and school/community partnerships. To start and establish myself, I am going to focus on the individual and family. Below is a sampling of services to get started.

Each rate is negotiable and based on need and complexity. Virtual sessions available (case-by-case) if not in the area.

1:1 Tutoring, Content-Specific K-12 (i.e. Math, Reading, History, Life Skills, Social Skills etc): 50$/Hour. Is your child struggling in school? or literacy, numeracy, linguistic skills? Select this session for tailored, individualized tutoring sessions.

1:1 Tutoring, Content-Specific, Adult/College Level (i.e. Math, Reading, History, Life Skills, Social Skills etc): 65$Hour. Have a class you’re hoping to improve your grade on? A book that you’re struggling with? This is the session type for you.

1:1 Tutoring, Test Prep: 50$/Hour.

1:1 Disability Training: 60$/Hour. Do you or your child have a disability that you don’t fully understand? I will prep a series of informational sessions specifically tailored to one’s individual circumstance/diagnosis, taking into consideration age, level of cognitive awareness, and emotional stability.

Family Disability Training: 65$/Hour. Similar to 1:1, however, this would be designed for a full family meeting style where all members would learn together and interact with materials. The person with the disability would not be required to be in attendance. Good for a new diagnosis or a younger child with disabilities.

IEP Review: 60$/Hour. If you are struggling to understand your child’s IEP or feel like it is not written well or provides appropriate services, we can sit down and review it together.

Evaluation Review: 60$/Hour. If you are struggling to understand your child’s academic, social/emotional, or behavioral evaluations, we can review all documents together and plan for an upcoming meeting.

IEP Meeting Prep: 60$/Hour. If your child has a contested IEP or the school is making decisions that make you uncomfortable or denying your requests, we can prep for his/her next meeting together.

IEP Review, Evaluation Review, and IEP Meeting Prep sessions can be done in a series and purchased as a “package”.

Advocacy Services: 70$/Hour. If you feel as though you need an advocate present at your child’s next IEP meeting to help you and the school come to an agreement, book this session. Bundle with IEP Review, Evaluation Review, and IEP Meeting Prep sessions for full, wrap-around support.

Introduction to Literacy &/or Numeracy, Parent/Family Courses: 65$/Hour. Parent/Family training in how to help your child learn foundational skills for literacy and numeracy. Interactive. Gather a group of parent friends together to get a group rate.

Consultation, Child: 70$/Hour. Is your child struggling in school or at home, academically, emotionally, or socially? Book a consultation to get a preliminary, informal evaluation to bring to his/her school to ask for formal testing.

Consultation, Adult: 75$/Hour. Are you an adult who has always struggled to read or comprehend math or understand the complexities of social situations? Book a consultation to learn more about what you might be struggling with and why as well as coping skills to help.

If you have questions about my services listed here, want to book a session, or if there are other services you may need, please do not hesitate to reach out. Go to the Contact page to submit an email.


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